Property damage is 9 times lower in homes with fire sprinklers installed. They are relatively inexpensive and only add about 1% or less to the cost of a new home.

Tampa Bay Fire Sprinklers

Sprinklers Save Property And Affordable

Florida Alarm offers installation of fire sprinklers and fire extinguishers for homes and businesses in the Tampa Bay area, including Tampa, New Tampa, Brandon, Lakeland, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Bradenton, and Sarasota.

Whether you've got a new home or business in the Tampa Bay area, Florida Alarm can outfit your property with high quality fire extinguishers, so should an emergency arise, you'll be armed and ready.

Fire Sprinkler Types

  • Foam
  • Residential
  • Underground
  • Wet Pipe
  • Commercial
  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Deluge
  • High Piled Storage
  • Water Mist
  • Dry Pipe
  • Stand Pipe
  • Pre-Action

Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Five Year
  • Fire Hydrant/Backflow
  • Fire Pump
  • Diesel Engine Maintenance
  • Pre-Action Systems
  • Fire Hose Testing
  • Waterflow Detector
  • Shutoff Valve

Sprinklers Save Property And Are Affordable

Fire Extinguishers

  • 6 Year Maintenance
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Emergency Exit Light Testing
  • Annual Testing

Types of Fire Extinguishing Agents

  • ABC – Multi Purpose
  • Dry Chemical – BC
  • Water
  • Class K
  • Water Mist
  • Clean Agent
  • CO2 Carbon Dioxide
  • AFFF – Foam
  • Halon
  • Hydrostatic High Pressure Testing
  • Emergency Lights
  • Exit Signs

Fire Sprinklers & Extinguishers Save Lives

Adding sprinklers and smoke alarms together increases your changes of surviving a fire by over 97%! Extinguishers also help put out small fires and prevent them from spreading.

Need monitoring and maintenance services for your fire extinguishers and sprinklers? We offer that too! Contact us to find out more.

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